Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bill Daly: Arrogant, Idiot Jerkwad

Open Letter to Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly:

Get over yourself, you donkey.


Nick Henry

NHL Deputy Commissioner/Bettman Lapdog Bill Daly has always rubbed me the wrong way. Not just for the fact that he looks like a penis, but also for his arrogance and blathering "Bettman's Yes Man" routine. I found him to be particularly unctuous during the lockout. He's essentially of the Tony Snow of the Bettman administration. Or, more frighteningly, the Karl Rove of the Bettman Administration.

Well, after the Rangers and Islanders renewed acquaintances the other night, Russo brought up the question of why Chris Simon was allowed to play in the preseason while Sean Hill was not. Both still have games left under their respective suspensions (Simon's for bashing Ryan Hollweg in the face with his stick, and Hill for allegedly failing a drug test for a banned substance), but the Wild had been told that Hill was not eligible for preseason games, while apparently the Islanders were told something different about Simon. This is not to say that Hill SHOULD have been able to play in the preseason, but that if he couldn't, Simon shouldn't have either.

As a side commentary, it's this kind of discontinuity in operational decisions by the NHL that makes it look like the second-tier league the rest of the free world regards it as.

So Russo emailed the league with his query. He posted the response he got from Daly in the paper today and this is the quote from Daly's email:

"Terms of suspensions are case specific. Sean Hill's does not allow him to play."

Typical beauracratic, double-speak, obfuscatory, arrogant idiocy.



The Proprietor said...

WHat a tool. Seems to be somethng in the water at NHL headquarters.

Anyway, looks like the Wild have assigned goalie Nolan Schaefer and D Andre Lakos to the Aeros, along with your man Cal and Voros and the rest who went last week.

Saw yesterday's workout here in Houston. Not much to report. It was only their second practice and Constantine is still teaching them placement for certain drills, etc. Three-hour practice, and they have enough guys for two groups, looked like. So each group went on-ice for two of the three hours, and did cardio and coaching clinics the other hour. Voros got some actual newspaper-style love from the Houston Chronicle yesterday, so that was nice. A hockey story in the Chron is newsworthy in itself, ironically. They play the Sam Antonio Rampage Friday and Saturday in pres-season action, then an intrasquad scrimmage next week, then open next Sat against the Evil Chicago Wolves.

We'll cheer for Clutterbuck so he can get back to the big club soon. If I go to a workout next week, I'll try to bring my camera.

Nick in New York said...

Sweet scouting report! Thanks for the inside 411 Daron! From what I read, JL wasn't upset with Lakos' game so much as he was just behind due to his injury and he has to make a decision on the guys that aren't behind. I'll be interested to read what you think of Lakos as no one here has really seen anything from him.