Friday, September 21, 2007

But, Will They Have To Clear Waivers First? is reporting that the San Jose Sharks are going to send three coaches and five players to China to compete in the Asia Ice Hockey League.

The goal is to help grow the sport in Asia in general and in China specifically.

First, I wholly support this goal. I am Korean, and there just aren't enough of my Asian brothers and sisters playing the game of ice hockey (Richard Park and Yutaka Fukufuji notwithstanding).

Second, I read Dave Bidini's awesome book "Tropic of Hockey" and it appealed to me on both a hockey and a wanderlust level. Since reading it, I've harbored a dream of returning to the land of my heritage and playing some puck with my native peeps.

Finally, who better than the Asia League Ice Hockey itself to tell you about what they're trying to build:

*The league which everyone, all people of every generation have a great longing
for with its ice arenas which are filled with feverish excitement.

*The league which produce some higher level players as international level with great games and fantastic entertainment.

*The league which can give a dream and a deep impression to people and can let people have a great heart.



Kirsten said...

I've read that book too, and I really enjoyed it. I feel like I'm in the tropics of hockey right now. Stupid Oregon.

Nick in New York said...

there isn't even club hockey out there?

Kirsten said...

The closest hockey to me is the Portland Winterhawks, and they are 40 miles away. The next closest team is probably the Seattle Thunderbirds, and Seattle is at least a 4 hour drive. There are no rinks in Salem, and it doens't freeze, so none outside either. No one plays, probably a product of the fact that it doesn't freeze.

Nick in New York said...

well...that just stinks.