Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fowl Suspend Scott Niedermayer

As reported on, Scott Niedermayer, the current President and CEO of the Waffle House, has been suspended, thus relieving the Fowl of the burden of his salary counting against the cap for the duration of his suspension.

It sounds like this was a formality that was predicted to happen as soon as camp opened in the absence of some clearer indication from Mr. Niedermayer about his decision to play or not in the coming season.

Personally, while I agreed with many others that Scott had earned the right to take the summer to decide whether or not to retire, I feel that he is now being a total jerk by keeping his little game going this long. It would be one thing if his contract was only a couple million. But $6.75M in limbo really puts a crimp on the team's ability to set up its roster going into camp and beyond.

It's time for Scott to man up - one way or the other - and at least act like he cares about the fortunes of the Fowl this season.


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Kirsten said...

Stupid Niedermayer. I used to like him.