Friday, September 7, 2007

In Deference to the Many Minny Manny Fans Out There...'s my epilogue on his story with the Wild.

I never, ever had a problem with Manny. I think he's a high-second tier NHL goalie, capable of stealing a game (or a series!) when he's hot. I don't think he can become a top 10 goalie in the NHL. But I think he's a defensible choice as a #1 for a playoff candidate team (or a Cup contender with a great defense).

There was a lot of scuttle about whether or not Manny was a clubhouse problem. And the bottom line is I have no idea if there's anything to that. When it was reported that he said something stupid after a loss or whatever it was annoying to me, but I suspect that if we'd won the game that A) he wouldn't have made those comments and B) even if he had I wouldn't have cared. There's also the question of whether or not the comments ascribed to him were taken out of context. (No offense to the esteemed members of the fourth estate.)

The important thing was that I never got the feeling that Manny was giving anything less than 100% out on the ice. And that's all I can ask for. He incorporated the butterfly more and more into his game last season and you could tell he wasn't totally comfortable with when to use it and when not to - which is understandable under the circumstances.

So I wish him well in Boston.


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