Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Cuts

According to Russo, the Wild have sent Benoit Pouliot, Pete Kalus, John Scott and Shawn Belle to Houston. Sheppard is very close to getting signed (instead of returning to junior, he's not old enough to play in the AHL yet), and Foy has made the team. Reitz remains on the team, even though he would require waivers to be sent down, because of some bumps and bruises to the likes of Foster and Nummelin.

I will have a VERY short leash with guys like Foy, Radio and Veilleux this season.

Part of the realization of DR's much-vaunted "Five Year Plan" was that we wouldn't take steps back after we legitimately reached a new level. I believe we reached that level last season, and I do not feel that having five forwards who should not play on anything other than the fourth line is the way to maintain or improve on that level.

And, more to the point, that if we're going to ice some players who aren't going to produce very much right now, that we'd be better served by icing the players who, though they don't produce right now, might one day grow into a more prominent role on the team. Foy, Radio, Veilleux, Moore and Walz all fall into the former category right now. Boogaard is also probably there as well, though he has additional value. That's six guys who most likely aren't on the team of a true Cup contender. Meanwhile, some of the guys who are the future of the team - and probably wouldn't put up WORSE numbers than any of the other group this season - are toiling in Houston.

PS: The season is underway! Fowl and Kings are skating in London as we speak.



Kirsten said...

I think Walz will have a better season than he did last year. I'm glad to see Foy make the team, I hope he manages to prove himself once and for all. I can't wait for Belle to make the team, I'm a big fan of the kid.

Nick in New York said...

Johnsson is another guy I'm looking for a big season from.

Kirsten said...

He damn well better have a big season. I'm severely disappointed in Johnsson thus far.