Sunday, September 9, 2007

Prospects Tourny Game 2

So much for a better showing this year...the Wild kids got spanked by the BJs kids yesterday 8-3. You can read the article here, and here are a couple thoughts:

Moises Gutierrez tallied two goals for the second straight game - with an assist from ersatz first round pick AJ Thelen on the second goal. Looks like this kid Gutierrez is really making a statement about getting an invite to camp!

Tyler Hirsch got his first goal, and had an assist in the first game. It would be awesome to see Tyler get it figured out and get back to playing hockey at a high level - which he is definitely capable of doing.

And, because I believe you have to take every opportunity given to you to say, print, type or read his name, Cal Clutterbuck earned an assist on Hirsch's goal.

Other than that it looks like a whole lot of ugly for the Wild.

Their next game is against the St. Louis kids on Monday at 3pm ET.


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