Saturday, September 8, 2007

Prospects Tourny

Last year the Wild boys stunk it up in this tourny. An horrendous showing that prompted DR to leave a lot of those guys off the training camp roster - and possibly was the touchstone for the dismal year in Houston (who really knows).

So last night, perhaps armed with the motivation of knowing that another crappy showing would ensure another quick trip to Houston (or, metaphorically speaking, points south), the Wild apparently "got it". reports that the boys in green and red trounced the Stars' prospects 5-1. Feel-good Cinderella story Moises Gutierrez scored not one but TWO goals (both in the first period), and He Who Must Be Named (because he owns the best name in hockey) Cal Clutterbuck also chipped in a pair. Former Gopher Danny Irmen (whose game I feel is well-suited to the NHL) had the other goal for the Wild.

Miroslav Kopriva went the distance for us, finishing with 26 saves.

Tommy T was in the audience and reportedly liked what he saw. It was also new Aeros' coach Kevin Constantine's first official game behind the bench in a Wild-related capacity. has a blog about the tournament that has some more info if you're interested.

The Wild's next game is today at 3pm ET against the BJs' prospects.



The Proprietor said...

Hey just found this blog from the reference on Wild Puck Banter. Looks like a good start, keep it up. I am new to hockey, live in Houston, and adopting the Aeros and Wild this season. Sites like yours help newbies like me learn a lot. Aeros open on Oct. 6 and I will be there, probably cheering a lot of these guys in this tourney on. Keep it up!

Nick in New York said...

Hey Daron - Welcome to hockey man! It's a great sport. Hockey fans in general are very passionate about their sport, and I've come across many who are more than happy to help someone who is new to the game learn more about it - myself included.

Thanks for reading!