Friday, September 7, 2007

Random Musings *Updated*

I'll be regurgitating little bits of collected half-thoughts and quasi-coherent ramblings periodically as I defrag the ol' supercomputer between the ears, as it were.

*Where you can find me -
Other than here I hang out most often at the following websites:
  • Mike Russo's blog "Russo's Rants" on the Star-Tribune's website. I post under the moniker "Nick in New York".
  • Chris Thompson's website I post under the moniker "nmhen".
  • Also under the moniker "nmhen".
  • The Calgary Flames fansite Still under the moniker "nmhen".
  • I just started reading the blog Wild Puck Banter, thanks to a link on Russo's blog. Definitely bookmark this one.
  • I also just started reading the blog Land of Lakes and Hockey, and it's another one Wild fans won't want to miss.

*Speaking of, Chris has given me free range to start a section on his message board to act as a support group for people who are afflicted by bad sports announcers and the stupid things they say. Yes, I'm talking about you Terhaar and Greenlay. Feel free to check it out.

*This whole new jersey thing is such a scam. I mean, who really cares? And does anyone NOT see that this is just a big marketing circle jerk for the league? The whole thing about doing away with third jerseys this season because RBK wasn't able to produce them was also total BS.

*I would love to be going to London for the Ducks/Kings season kickoff.

*Vanek is obscenely overpaid. But I'm still not sure where I stand on K-Lowe's RFA offer sheets from this summer. I understand that it's totally legal. I understand that it's also kind of a dick move. If the Oilers really have trouble luring FAs to Edmonton because they're the Oilers and/or they play in Edmonton, then that stinks for Grease fans. But that didn't seem to stop Souray. At some point money talks, you know?

*Thank goodness the NFL kicked off it's season last night. That means that hockey season is right around the corner!


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Kirsten said...

Thanks for the shoutout! I'll try to live up to your kind words.