Thursday, September 20, 2007

Roster for Wings Game has the following listed as the probable roster for tonight:

1) Demo-Moore-Gaby
2) Rolston-Belanger-Butch
3) Radio-Koivu-Parrish
4) Kalus-Sheppard-Foy

1) Schultz-Johnsson
2) Carney-Burns
3) Skouba-Foster

The thought is that Harding will start and Nik will back him up.

The prevailing wisdom is also that the Wings will play many more of their assumed regulars tonight as well.

That "kid" line will be one to watch. Also, how Moore does on the big boy line will also be interesting.



Kirsten said...

Awesome, my boy Parrish is playing tonight, and hopefully Foy too. This will be a better game. Too bad I don't see Walzy out there, for he is the destroyer of Dead Wing evil.
I think Moore is a bit over-rated.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Sheppard will impress enough tonight to warrant a try out with the Slovaks.

Nick in New York said...

Sounds like Shep got himself in la maison bow-wow a bit there in the third by not paying attention and blowing his chance to jump out with Gaby/Demo.