Friday, September 14, 2007 Joins Blog Fray

And just in time for Training Camp!

Wild All Access purports to provide "the viewpoint of the Wild on why we do what we do."

They claim they will offer insight from actual organizational peeps in Hockey Ops, Management, the official website crue and the omnipresent media team.

Of particular note is the Hockey Ops input "which includes posts directly from the staff of President and General Manager, Doug Risebrough."

No doubt this is a cool idea, and if they actually engage in some form of dialogue with fans that would be incredible. But I'll believe it when I see it.



Kirsten said...

I really rather doubt that DR gives a shit what the fans think. He re-signed Skoula, didn't he?

Nick in New York said...

you make a good point... sounds like Voros is heating things up at camp. Foy too.

Kirsten said...

Awesome. I'm a huge Foy fan.