Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Audience With The King(s)

The Wild are in LA today, with the moms in tow, to take on the Kings. The Kings are full of young, promising future stars like Kopitar, Jack Johnson, Patty O'Sullivan, etc. They've got a couple wily veterans (Rob Blake) too. But they're having a little trouble in the defensive zone right now. Maybe it's jetlag from their little jaunt across the pond. Maybe it's Crawford. Maybe it's just really early in the season and they haven't completely gelled yet. Whatever the reason, they're giving up 4.5 goals per game, and are only scoring 2.66 through six games.

This ought to be a game where the Wild put up some big numbers and cruise to a win.

In the past, this has been a game that the Wild mailed in - coming off a big, emotional win in Anaheim, road trip starting to wear on them a bit...

One of the most important aspects of the Wild's season-opening 5-game winning streak is that all five have been in regulation. The Northwest Division is so tight that two-point wins are critically important. As much as the team relied on OT/SO last season you have to wonder if all those free points they gave away prohibited them from winning the division. And if you can make that point, then can't you say that those same one-point wins might at least have kept them from securing home-ice advantage in the first round anyway?

Late start (10:30 ET) so I'll probably read about most of this at the same time you are tomorrow morning.


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