Thursday, October 4, 2007

Let's Play Hockey!

Okay, no more preseason predictions, prognostications or punditry. Teams are down to 23, and it's the season is underway.

Three of four went to OT last night, and the fourth was a one-goal game.

It's hockey season!

Some quick hits before game #1:

  • Demo is wearing the C for October. Permanent alternates are Rolston and Walz.
  • Speaking of Wes, he will start the season between Gaby and Demo.
  • JL contemplating giving Hards as many as 30 starts, based on merit.
  • Reitz cleared waivers and is Houston-bound.

Sports Book Pick (SBP) 10/4/07

Take the Predators -120. The Avs played (and won) last night in Denver, then had to fly to Nashville and play the Preds' home opener tonight in front of what one presumes will be the most passionate Preds crowd possible after all the crap from last summer.

Season record: 0-0

Season winning %: 0.000

Season money: EVEN

Go Wild!



kw said...

Predictably, I couldn't find any highlights on SportsCenter this morning...

Anonymous said...

Go WILD!!! Getting excited for tonight's game and this season. I am going to enjoy actually being able to watch a game for change.

Anonymous said...

Good call on Colorado / Nash.