Friday, October 12, 2007

Out of Town Updates/Matriculation

*Rob Ramage was found to be criminally responsible for the death of Keith Magnuson in an automobile accident back on December 15, 2003. Jail time appears to be a likely possibility. The Magnuson family will now bring a civil suit against him, seeking damages, though their lawyer was on HNIC radio last night saying that they are trying to draw a distinction between claiming he intentionally killed Mr. Magnuson.

*The Sabres found their way into the win column in their third game of the season, with a 6-0 beat down of the Thrashers. Ryan Miller, who had given up nine goals in their first two games, both losses to the Islanders, earned the win with a shutout.

*The Leafs rebounded from that ugly 7-1 butt kicking by the 'Canes to crush the Isles 8-1 last night. Sundin is now the most prolific scorer in Leafs history, blahblahblah...

*The Devils continued their potentially staggering season-opening 9-game road trip, with a loss to Florida. 1-3-0 is an ugly start, and with a ways to go before returning to the (luke) warm environs of Newark, NJ, this could very well be an ugly season for the Devils. At least they can look forward to the new season of the Sopra.....oops.

*Ottawa finally lost.

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SBP Update

Went 1-1 last night, winning on the Sabres and losing on the Devils.

No picks tonight.

I do, however, like the Sabres, Predators and Sharks for Saturday night, and the Fowl on Sunday.

Season record: 4-3
Season winning %: 0.571
Last 10: 4-3

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Back To School

The college season has technically started already, but this is the first big weekend. The Ice Breaker Tournament, in St. Paul, MN has easily the most intriguing games. In the matinee matchup this afternoon the Michigan Wolverines take on the BC Eagles. They are followed by the "host" Minnesota Gophers entertaining the RPI Engineers. All games are at the X.

The Pre-Season D1 Men's Hockey Poll

(1st place votes)
1. North Dakota (13)
2. Boston College (3)
3. Michigan State (11)
4. Miami (Ohio) (1)
5. Minnesota (1)
6. New Hampshire
7. Clarkson
8. Notre Dame
9. Boston University
10. Michigan
11. Colorado College
12. Maine
13. Denver
14. Quinnipiac
15. Wisconsin
16. St. Lawrence
17. St. Cloud State
18. Cornell
19. Ohio State
20. Vermont