Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Random Musings

*The Leafs, or more specifically Paul Maurice, must be experiencing an increasing sensation of heat on their butts as the season continues to get off to an ugly start. After giving up seven straight goals last night to the 'Canes (who are playing well - Cam Ward, it's nice to see you again), the Buds have now given up 4.25 goals a game through the first four games. Toskala, Raycroft, whatever. The Leafs were thought by many to be a playoff team this year, and they need to get it together pretty soon or else you get the feeling heads are going to roll in TO.

*Erik Johnson has a fracture in his foot, and is listed as day-to-day.

*The Caps' 3-0 start is a bit surprising. But more power to them. How can you not root for a guy like Kolzig?

*So is Calgary's 0-1-1 start.

*Nashville's 2-0 start is not as dominating as it seems, given that both games have been at home, and against teams on the second nights of back-to-back games.

*Manny gave up four (4) goals in his one start (a loss) so far for the Bruins. Tim Thomas gave up one (1) in his (a win).

*James Dolan's little anti-trust war with Gary Bettman is very interesting. Meanwhile, a smidge uptown from the Garden, the NHL is about to open a brand new paean to marketing and consumerism (The NHL/Reebok Store) - hmm...I wonder if they are going to sell Rangers' gear there?

*No Sports Book Picks (SBP) tonight.



Roy said...

Manny will struggle in Beantown. He is best suited for 15-20 shots a game, and with that piss-poor back line he's seeing around 30 a game now. The countdown's on for when he requests a trade, with an over/under of Feb 1st, 2008.

The Proprietor said...

Wild looked good last night. Or the Oilers looked horrible. Or both. SOrry I didn't get to your other questions sooner, Nick. The Aeros play in Toyota Center. the Rockets' new arena that's 3-4 years old now, so it is high on the fancy-pants chart. They block off the upper bowl, so I'd guess it seats about 8,000 or so for Aeros games, and I'd guess there were about 6,000 or so at the opener the other night. The ones who were there were rabid, though. Lots of cool Aeros, Wild, and other jerseys throughout the building. One guy even had on what looked like an AHL All-Star jersey on (Shawn Belle or Joel Ward, can't remember). But the crowd says all the standard chants that every other hockey crowd on earth does after the team scores, taunting the G with "He shoots, he scores, and (insert name here) still sucks!" etc. It was a great time. We had 4 boys between 5-7 years old with us, and they loved it. They couldn't believe we were at a place where we actually told them to be LOUDER, instead of be quiet.

By the way, I like these random musings posts.