Friday, October 5, 2007

Gm # 1: Wild vs. Blackhawks (1/4)

Wild win 1-0. Since I did not see the game I can not make any kind of personal comments on it. By the sounds of it the Wild played poorly, with the exception of Backstrom, and were lucky to come away with two points. The fact that it was two points in regulation, however, is a good thing and hopefully portends better luck at closing teams out before OT than the Wild had last season.

What can you say about Backstrom? It's only one game, but it has to give the guys confidence that he's no one-hit wonder.

BOTTOM LINE: Two points is two points. It's a cliche, but good teams find ways to win even when they aren't playing their best.

STUD: Nik. Shutout, and it sounds like he was the best guy on the ice for the Wild.

DUD: Everyone else?

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Sports Book Pick (SBP) 10/5/07

Take the Canucks -120. The Sharks lost in a SO last night in Edmonton, then flew to Vancouver for the Canucks' home opener tonight.

*Last night's pick (Predators -120) worked out as Nashville stomped on Budaj and the Avs 4-0.

Season record: 1-0
Season winning %: 1.000
Season money: + $8.00
*Presumes each bet is $10.



Anonymous said...

You are right in the dud being almost everyone else. Belanger had a good game and Koivu looked good most of the time. Backstrom really stood on his head and bailed us out. Definetely earned the stud title.

The Proprietor said...

Hey, I am still new to the NHL, but I know in football, if you have two QBs, you really have none. What do those of you who have followed the Wild for a long time think of this "play both goalies" thing? Have they done this in the past, and been successful?

Must make fantasy owners pull their hair out.

Aeros opener tomorrow night. Will have the obligatory Cal Clutterbuck Update.

Kirsten said...

Back in the day when we had Fernandez and Roloson, rotating goalies worked pretty well for the Wild. It was one of the few absolutely solid things we had going for the team. It pushed the goalies to do well. Then Roloson got to be number one because Fernandez was doing his usual crashing and burning, and we haven't really had a true two goaltender rotation since then. I think it definitely can work, you just need the right goalies. It's a big part of the reason the Wild made the playoffs in 2003, and having two good goalies got us to round three.