Friday, October 19, 2007


Sports Book Picks 10/19/07

*The Philly pick worked out last night, and I got back to 0.500 in the process. By the time I was able to put the pick in, though, the line had tanked and so I only got -200. Laid $20 to win $10.

*For Friday the 19th, I like the Canucks at home (-120) against the Kings who played last night in Calgary and then traveled to the 'Couver.

*On Saturday the 20th, I like the Maple Leafs (line TBA) at home against the Blackhawks and the Flyers (line TBA) at home against the 'Canes.

*On Sunday the 21st, I might like the Avs (line TBA) on the road against the Wild, but I'm going to reserve the right to see how the Wild plays Saturday in St. Louis before committing to that one.

Season Record: 6-6
Season Winning %: 0.500
Last 10: 5-5


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