Saturday, October 27, 2007


Russo's reporting that both Backstrom and Gaborik are out with groin injuries, after today's practice in Denver.

Gaborik has apparently not felt 100% the past few days.

Demitra is still out.

Obviously this is not good news.

Presume that Schaefer backs up Harding tomorrow. Clutterbuck probably dresses.

Hopefully the Avs will be a little distracted with the World Series...



Kirsten said...

Well that sucks. What happened to all the off-season stuff that was supposed to make Gaborik all groin-pull proof?

Nick in New York said...

It kind of seems like they're just being extra-precautionary with Gaby right now. Like he doesn't have an "injury" per se, but he's sore and/or uncomfortable so they're going to shut him down until he's right - to try to prevent an actual injury from happening.