Friday, November 2, 2007

Gm # 13: Wild vs. Blues (2/4)

The Wild got Demitra and Gaborik back last night, but not their killer instinct, and dropped a 3-2 game at home to the Blues. Carney also returned to the lineup (Johnsson out with thigh contusion) and, while his calming influence may have helped a bit, the game as a whole was still marked by some frustrating mental errors and poor decisions.

Gaborik doubled his goal total for the season in the first period on a nice little chop shot off a floater from Demitra got deflected up in the air. Gaby is a notoriously streaky scorer so hopefully this is the start of a hot stretch.

Pouliot got to play and was a non-factor.

I noticed Radio a bit more than usual.

Unlike the Penguins game, I thought Parrish was lost/wasted on the Boogaard line.

And speaking of Boogaard, it was his stupid roughing penalty in the second that turned the tide in the game. The Blues scored on the ensuing power play, and the Wild never mounted much of a serious effort from that part on. We're trying to prove to the world that you're not just a mush head goon, DB. Your help in that campaign would be appreciated.

0-4-1 in their last five, and now our hot start is completely nullified.

And with the Flames in town Saturday night...the boys better figure this thing out very quickly.

CHICKEN LITTLE SAYS: The sky is falling!

POLLYANNA SAYS: Ummm....Pats vs. Colts on Sunday?!

BOTTOM LINE: Back with the rest of the pack, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee.

STUD: Gaborik had a nice goal and looked speedy after his siesta. Lets hope that continues.

DUD: Boogaard has arguably the slimmest margin of error in the league. But he just didn't get it done last night.

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