Thursday, November 8, 2007

Gm # 15: Wild vs. Oilers (3/8)

The Wild, not without their own injuries (Gaby/Demo) took advantage of a more-injured (and thinner to begin with) Grease team on Monday in a 5-2 win.

It's not nice to pick on someone when they're down - and the Grease are most definitely down right now - so I'm not going to rehash the whole game.

There were some positives though:

*4 power play goals! And in a variety of flavors, no less. And without Gaby/Demo?! A very good sign.

*Foster finally breaks through. Getting him to start putting the puck in the net is certainly not the worst thing in the world for the Wild.

*Nummy on the wing was a breath of fresh air. Especially with Hill coming off suspension soon, I suspect we haven't seen the last of Nummy as a forward.

CHICKEN LITTLE SAYS: Anyone can beat the Grease right now. Prove it against a real team.

POLLYANNA SAYS: Way to salvage the homestand with back-to-back wins. And without the Slovakian contingency at full strength? Great!

BOTTOM LINE: Two regulation points against a division opponent. No more injuries. All good news heading back on the road.

STUD: Parrish, with two PPGs, is playing like the net-crashing ugly goal-specialist we need him to be. He is, quietly, a HUGE piece of the puzzle for us.

DUD: Pouliot. The first game, sure, I'll give him a pass to adjust to the speed of the NHL. But you have to know you don't have many games to show us what you're worth. He was a non-factor, and largely invisible. Back to Houston.



Rob Wilkins said...

I thought Benoit did rather well if you ask me and since I am rather new to your blog. Who is Chicken Little and Pollyanna?

A.K.A. Roenick Guy from Russo's Blog

Nick in New York said...

RG: Chicken Little coined the phrase "The sky is falling!"

Pollyanna had a disgustingly over-positive outlook on everything.