Monday, November 26, 2007

Gm # 22: Wild vs. BJs

Coming off a listless, uninspired, head-scratching loss to the Canucks, after which the team attempted to send a message to it's underperforming group of players in the form of a waiver wire signing of Todd Fedoruk, one would have thought the Wild would have had plenty of motivation to come out and whip the BJs. One would have been wrong.

The Wild played another inimaginably ugly game, losing 4-0. True, there was an element of bad luck, but sometimes you have to make your own luck - and the Wild aren't making anything positive on the ice lately.

Maybe Lemaire is losing his ability to get through to the troops, but, whatever the reason, it's ugly.

CHICKEN LITTLE SAYS: What's this "NBA" I've heard about?


BOTTOM LINE: Wild drops a winnable game at home, falls out of the top 8 in the west.

STUD: Voros didn't produce on the scoresheet, but he's been one of the very few Wild players putting out a consistent effort. And his jack-in-the-box hit on Jiri Novotny was a thing of beauty.

DUD: The Wild needs Gaborik to produce in all games if they're going to have a shot at winning. He didn't (-2 for the game) and they didn't.


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