Monday, November 26, 2007

Gm # 23: Wild @ Predators

It's a time-tested hockey cliche that getting out on the road can be a tonic for tight play at home. The Minnesota Wild certainly needed a dose of that after some horrible play at the X against the Canucks and BJs. They did play better in their 4-3 win over Nashville, and better might be good enough for right now, but it wasn't an awe-inspiring effort. At the end of the day, two points is two points (and in regulation!) so Wild fans should just take it and turn the page.

The Voros, Foy, Sheppard line was the best line all night, scoring two goals. We watched the Fowl's "Kid Line" hurt us over and over again in the playoffs last spring with an overwhelming forecheck and timely goals. This line is starting to produce the same kind of result. JL has talked about Sheppard playing more than he'd like him to, but as long as the kid puts out (and injuries dictate) he's going to keep getting ice time.

Backstrom allowed three goals, but turned aside 40 shots, and generally looked much more Backstrom-like than he has the past few weeks.

Parrish, so beaten up in the BJs game, showed his testicular fortitude by playing, and earning an assist on Gaby's goal.

Even Dominic Moore, who has not done anything to impress me, chipped in with two helpers.

Foster took a puck to the forehead and is out for a few days.

Radio, whose job is thought to be in jeopardy as signaled by the signing of Fedoruk, responded to his first healthy scratch as a Wild player with a stronger effort, and the GWG.

The Wild have a few days off to prepare before four-straight at home - where they'd better get it going.

Demo should be back on Wednesday, according to Russo.

CHICKEN LITTLE SAYS: Forty-three shots against is not a good way to go about winning games.

POLLYANNA SAYS: Winning on the second night of back-to-backs is always tough!

BOTTOM LINE: Two points, in regulation, on the road, against a direct competitor in the Western Conference standings.

STUD: Radio did a great job answering the critics in this he just needs to do it next game, and the game after that, and the game after that....

DUD: Fedoruk did nothing positive, got out-played by the guys whose jobs he's competing for, and was a team-low minus-two.



Anonymous said...

Great blog, NinNY (can I call you that? ;) ). Out here in Nuck-nation, we actually believe the Satan's Spawn is actually Mike Keenan; proof being that he gave us Todd Bertuzzi, who begat Roberto Luongo.

Anyway, I hope you don't mind if we link our Minnesota Wild GDT to your blog - I think it's terrific!

Kirsten said...

Moral of the story: Mark Parrish is pretty fucking awesome.

Nick in New York said...

tncl: much appreciated. And great usage of the word "begat".

k: true dat!