Friday, November 30, 2007

SBP Update

I forgot to mention yesterday, but I bet three games last night:

Nashville (@ Ottawa) - WIN
Boston (@ Florida) - WIN
Detroit (vs. Tampa Bay) - WIN

Season record: 17-13
Winning %: 0.567
Last 10: 8-2 (W5)

For the weekend:


Sabres (vs. Hurricanes)
Flyers (vs. Stars)
Panthers (vs. Capitals)
Red Wings (vs. Coyotes)
*Your choice on Kings (vs Avalanche), Maple Leafs (vs. Penguins), Predators (@ Habs)

Devils (vs. Thrashers)


Anonymous said...

Hey Nick,
Just wanted to keep this Shultz @ $4MM conversation going a bit longer after watching the St. Louis game. Did you happen to notice who the Blues were matching against Gabby & Demo? None other than Bryce Salvador. And I'd have to say he did a fine job. He was a blanket on Gaborik for much of the game--can't really blame him for Gabby's game winner, as that was an ill-advised drop pass that caught him behind the play on the turnover. I've seen a few Blues games this year (didn't last year and this is only year 2 of having center ice), and to me he looks like a very solid player.

Which kind of makes me curious... you'd give Shultz $4MM, but wouldn't give Salvador $3MM. What am I missing?

Anonymous said...

What? You didn't bet on the Wild @ home on Sunday against the Nucks? O ye of little faith... Nucks are overdue to lose in regulation against a divisional rival; Wild need to bounce back after two poor games; that game is for the lead in the division; somebody is bound to crack Luongo's string of goose eggs; Gabby and Demitra together have been Canuck-killers when they've been healthy at the same time...

Anonymous said...

toivo: I actually did notice that, and I thought about our conversation too. I would have to say that, based on that game, Salvador could be worth more than I thought he was - no doubt. That $4M for Nick was part because I think he's worth it and part because I think that WILL be fair market value for him, either as established by us or another team.

tncl: Don't forget about Rolston's slapper! I have a fairly specific system I use when betting. I bet you can figure it out without too much difficulty.

Nick in New York said...

weird...the "anonymous" poster above is actually me.

Anonymous said...

See? :?