Monday, December 24, 2007

Gm # 35: Wild vs. Red Wings (2/4)

The Wild got pasted by the Red Wings again, losing 4-1 on Saturday night. But for a couple shifts it didn't even seem that close. Simply put, the Wings are in a different class than certainly the Wild and perhaps the rest of the league. Certainly there were some poor efforts from the Wild (Gaborik followed up his all-universe performance with an effort that wouldn't have been considered all-crapper, save for his one assist). Backstrom was back in and was largely adequate, though to expect more after being out for ten days might have been a little much.

I'm not going to get too worried about this one. The Wings are just that good, and you could expect a little emotional let down after GabyFest.

Season series
Wild trail 0-2-0 (GF 1, GA 9)
In Minny: 0-1-0 (GF 1, GA 4)
In Detroit: 0-1-0 (GF 0, GA 5)

CHICKEN LITTLE SAYS: Just pray we don't meet them in the playoffs.

POLLYANNA SAYS: At least this isn't the playoffs!

BOTTOM LINE: The (far) better team won.

STUD: We dump on Kimmy a lot for not producing any offense. Turnabout is fair play. Congrats on your first goal of the season, Johnsson.

DUD: Voros plays on the edge between reckless and aggressive. Saturday night he was more reckless than aggressive, and certainly not effective.



Kirsten said...

Instead of paying attention at the end, we just started doing subtly mean things to the obnoxious Red Wings fan sitting in front of us and betting on the total shot count.

Nick in New York said...

sounds like an entirely reasonable way to pass that game!