Monday, December 10, 2007

SBP Update

Interesting weekend. In the system, I bet the Thrashers on Friday (win), the Bolts on Saturday (loss) and the Red Wings on Sunday (win). Additionally, I made a little 3-team parlay on Friday, taking the Wings, Devils and Blues (lay $10, win $36.60) which I hit.

Lesson learned: the system is less-applicable in the eastern conference, which I will attribute to the lighter travel/time zone change schedule.

Season record: 22-15-0 (25-15-0 combined)
Winning %: 0.594 (0.625 combined)
Last 10: 8-2-0 (8-2-0 combined)

Tonight (Monday 12/10/07)
Capitals (vs. Devils) 1
Predators (vs. Red Wings) 1

Tuesday 12/11/07
Canadiens (vs. Lightning) 1
Blues (vs. Oilers) 3

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