Friday, December 28, 2007

SBP Update

As my fellow Russotan GreenStar likes to say, "allegedly", it was a good night for the SBP.

I liked seven teams last night, and went 5-2 on them. I hit on Philly, Florida, Montreal, Pittsburgh and Nashville. I missed on Colorado and Phoenix. Unfortunately for me, I chose to look at these through the lens of a seven-team parlay (lay $5 to win $299), but I'll take a 5-2 night any time.

It's been a while since I updated the SBP, actually 18 games-worth. However, I have gone 13-5 in those 18 games (0.722).

Season record: 39-26
Winning %: 0.600
Last 10: 7-3 (0.700%)
Last 15: 10-5 (0.667%)
Last 20: 13-7 (0.650%)

Here are my picks for the weekend.


Islanders (vs. Devils) 1
Thrashers (vs. Bruins) 1
BlueJackets (vs. Hurricanes) 2
Penguins (vs. Sabres) 2
Predators (vs. Sharks) 0
Stars (vs. Blues) 3

Panthers (vs. Flyers) 1
Blackhawks (vs. Kings) 3
Canadiens (@ Rangers) 2
Canucks (vs. Ducks) 2


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