Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Useless Stats

Nashville (30 pts) is currently 21 points behind their division’s leader (Detroit, 51 pts).
That’s the largest differential among the six divisions.

1st New Jersey 39 pts
5th Islanders 32 pts

1st Ottawa 47 pts
5th Buffalo 33 pts

1st Carolina 39 pts
5th Washington 29 pts

1st Detroit 51 pts
5th Nashville 30 pts

1st Minnesota/Vancouver 40 pts
5th Edmonton 35 pts

1st Dallas 42 pts
5th LA 26 pts

FYI, the largest gap between 5th and 2nd place in a division is 14 points. In the Pacific 5th place LA trails 2nd place San Jose by 14 pts.

The other points differentials between 5th and 2nd place: Atlantic 5 pts, Northeast 6 pts, Southeast 5 pts, Central 4 pts, Northwest 5 pts.

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