Thursday, February 14, 2008

Foppa the Shoppa

Here’s what’s bugging me about Forsberg right now.

We’re 12 days from the trade deadline. Even though a couple more teams have fallen off the pace in the last couple weeks, it’s still a very tight, pro-seller’s market.

Forsberg is currently alone is his position of being acquirable (is that a word?) without the vanquishing team having to give up any assets - so his leverage is arguably higher than anyone else’s right now. (Jason Alison doesn't count.)

You can make the case that the whole shooting match on the trade deadline doesn’t start until he makes a decision and anoints the lucky team.

But he’s chillin’ in Ornskoldsvik (sp?) eating Swedish fish and trying on skates.

Now, his side would say “we never said we were definitely coming back” but then why “accept” offers from teams? And don’t try to tell me you didn’t officially open for business and you can’t help it if some GM decides to send you an offer - it’s your right to consider it…because you’re going around telling teams that they’re off The List.

Peter is definitely shopping himself.

And while I respect his right to do so, he’s holding the entire league hostage right now - and it certainly smacks of bargaining.

I had said that I didn’t think he was doing this for financial gain so much as to prove to himself that he CAN do it.

Now I’m beginning to wonder.



Kirsten said...

I think he'd be nothing more than a disruption right now, and I would not like to see him go to any of my teams.

Eric J. Burton said...

Forsberg is not going to be in the NHL this season.