Monday, February 11, 2008

Gm # 55: Wild vs. Islanders (1/1)

The 2nd annual Hockey Day in Minnesota served up a rare Wild v. Isles game as the representative of the professional level of ice hockey in the state. Unfortunately for me, and unlike last year's inaugural HDM, my local cable company did not make the non-Wild festivities available to me. And I was only able to catch the first two periods of the game in earnest.

What I did see was some fairly passive play by the Wild. Though, since I didn't see the whole thing...

All-in-all, getting the two points was the most important thing. Salvaging the home stand that had to be, on balance, disappointing for the Wild. I don't mind giving out the loser point since it's to an eastern conference team.

*Worth noting: On the Wild's first goal Skoula got the second assist - and Foster scored it. That's two goals in four games for Fozzie - and anytime Skoula can contribute offensively he gets a little more lee-way defensively.

CHICKEN LITTLE: It was a win, but it wasn't pretty.

POLLYANNA SAYS: It wasn't pretty, but it was a win.

BOTTOM LINE: Two big points.

STUD: Burns was Johnny-on-the-spot for the GWG. The ability to get points from the defense off the rush is a dynamic the Wild has never had.

DUD: Radio was on the ice for all three Islanders' goals.


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