Saturday, February 23, 2008

Schultz Re-signed - Russo *UPDATED*

Russo is reporting that defenseman and current captain Nick Schultz has re-signed for six years/$21M with the Wild. By my math, that's an annual cap hit of $3.5M - which is a great number for the Wild. (That being the case, then kudos to Nick for not holding out for more, which you have to think he could have received on the open market.) This is great news as Nick is so steady in his own zone, and has really blossomed while wearing the C for the last two months.

More from Russo on the Schutlz deal:

"Risebrough, in Montreal for (last night's) Bob Gainey number retirement, raved about the 'trust' Schultz showed. His agent, J.P. Barry, wanted a no-trade clause for Schultz if he was going to sign for this term at such a reasonable price.

That’s against the Wild’s policy (at least now), other than a very limited no-trade clause it’s given Nik Backstrom. Finally Schultz overruled his agent, according to Risebrough, because in Risebrough’s words, 'My performance will never allow them to consider trading me anyway.'"

That, sportsfans, is the stuff legends are made of. If that's true, then it's a welcome breath of fresh air and departure from the "I'm going to get paid" attitude of so many professional athletes today. Obviously they deserve to get paid what the market will bear. But does that have to mean they can be so obnoxious about it?

I hope Nick can be a voice of reason to his colleagues.



maggie said...

I actually did a fist-pump when I heard this. Yay Schultzy!

elise said...

I'm so glad we don't have another Willie Mitchell situation. It makes me like Schultz even more that he didn't demand a huge amount of money...I HATE when players talk about how much they like it on a team and then leave because they don't think they're getting enough.