Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wild Acquire Simon

The Minnesota Wild made one move on trade deadline day: acquiring Chris Simon from the New York Islanders for a 6th round pick.

To begin with, they essentially got him for free.

But what did they get?

A guy who has put up a few decent seasons in the 30-point range? Or a guy who has embarassed the league with stupid and egregious plays?


What didn't they get?

A center. A shutdown defenseman. A grizzled veteran and playoff leader.

The question, then, is which hole was bigger and more prevalent?

1. The toughness-from-the-fourth line hole

2. The top line center/leader hole

Time will tell, but some Wild fans are a little tweaked about this.



elise said...

All I can do to respond to this trade is a blank stare.

Kirsten said...

I'm ready to choke a bitch about this one. Livid would be a good way to describe my mood today.