Friday, March 14, 2008

Gm # 71: Wild vs. Devils (1/1)

"It's not forbidden to be what you are..." - Moxy Fruvous

...maybe not, but, in the Wild's case, it might not win you too many games either.

This team is like a bad salesman: it can't close.

This team is like a bad john: it won't finish.

This team is like a televangelist: it gives hope to everyone it plays.

Okay, so maybe that last one was a bit of a stretch. But the point is that this Wild team is floundering in the most crucial of elements, at the worst possible time. As has been said here in the past, they have no identity, no leadership, no willingness to play for each other and obviously there's no one in the room demanding accountability. Or if there is, that person doesn't have the clout or the respect of his team mates to GET accountability out of the rest of them. The flip side of that is that the coaching staff also isn't able to get through to the guys. That's not a good thing either. But since I don't see DR firing JL anytime soon, I think that part probably isn't going to change.

Again, I don't expect them to win the Cup this season. Winning a ROUND would be enough for me. But these guys aren't going to win jack if they all keep pulling in different directions.

A couple bright spots:

*SRV was great last night. He really made a difference, and not just the goal he scored. We'll need more of that.

*Koivu's strong move to the net and then dish to set up Gaborik at the end of the second was incredible. If he can add that power forward element to his game on a consistent basis that can only help the team.

*Backstrom was pretty good, until Langenbrunner's winner in the SO.

*I loved seeing Fridge crash the net. He came oh-so-close at least once as a direct result of going to the crease.

A couple not-so bright spots:

*Rolston was brutal last night. Just wandering around aimlessly for the most part. It's almost a BAD thing when his first slapper of the game ends up on net because you know that's all he's going to do for the rest of the game and he's going to get his pocket picked again, and again, and again. He's a remarkably soft player, and very weak on the puck as well.

*Demitra was also invisible. I am extremely tired of seeing him not shoot for the whole game, but then try to sneak one of those on-the-side-boards, bad angle, teensy-weensy percentage shots past goalies - just because he beat Turco ONE TIME on one of them. At this rate, I won't miss either Demo or Rolston if we let them walk this summer. I'd love if it they could both make me eat those words.

CHICKEN LITTLE SAYS: Can't win in regulation? Won't win in the playoffs.

POLLYANNA SAYS: They proved they can play with one of the best in the east...for part of a game, anyway.

BOTTOM LINE: That's a big point, standings-wise, but two would have been better.

STUD: Veilleux made an impact on the game as much or more than any other Wild player. It was very good to see.

DUD: Rolston was invisible much of the time, ineffective all the time, and wasted a shootout spot.

Up Next: The Kings are in town Saturday for what is quickly becoming a must win for the Wild. The trouble is the Kings have been playing the role of spoiler pretty well of late - and always play the Wild tough.



Jeremy Waschek said...

I'm with you on Rolston. He's one of my favorites when he's scoring, but when he's not he is not a factor and he's not strong on the puck. I'm also tired of the shootout slapshot that doesn't hit the net.

I'm starting to think if he's the player they don't resign I'm cool with that.

Kirsten said...

Fuck that shit.
The people around my parents' seats all agree that Rolston needs to go.

Nick in New York said...

He's not presently giving people much reason to think otherwise!

Anonymous said...

NiNY - i'm sure you already saw this, but JPM is buying Bear...for $2/share!