Monday, March 17, 2008

Gm # 72: Wild vs. Kings (4/4)

I didn't get to see this game due to the fact that it was only broadcast on HDNet. I can understand why FSN North didn't have it on (Gophers WCHA playoffs), but I can't figure out why FSN LA (or whatever the hell it's called) didn't carry it, and thus why no Center Ice. Oh well.

The Wild won, and that's all that matters. Good to hear the checkers (SRV, Radio) again stepped up. Would have liked to see Pouliot too, but twas not to be.

Season series
Overall: Wild wins 3-0-1 (GF 9, GA 6)
In Minny: Wild wins 2-0-0 (GF 4, GA 1)
In LA: Wild wins 1-0-1 (GF 5, GA 5)


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