Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gm # 78: Wild 3, Oilers 1 (8/8)

Frankly, they're all "must wins" at this point. And the Wild played well last night, earned a little puck luck and, more importantly, the two points.

They continued to receive offensive contribution throughout the depth chart (goals from Radio and Hill) and a couple of the high profile players got into the swing of things offensively as well (Koivu and Rolston). Both of those things are trends that will need to continue.

Additionally, Backstrom was very strong. Yes, he had some assistance from his friends Left and Right Post, but he made the saves we needed him to make and, more importantly, shook off any potential aftershocks from his previous outing. He has been very solid down the stretch, and we absolutely need that to continue.

You have to give the Grease credit. Their GM was on Hockey Night in Canada Radio (Sirius) yesterday saying the team is way ahead of where the Edmonton brass (all 75 of them, it seems) thought they'd be at this point. That they were able to resurrect their season at all is remarkable. And they're a helluva fun team to watch.

But, that being said, I think they're done. I just don't think they can count on the kind of help from their fellow NW division foes that they need to get in, and Nashville's easy schedule is a consideration too.

CHICKEN LITTLE SAYS: You have to worry about the lack of depth on the blueline, and just how far we can go on four defensemen.

POLLYANNA SAYS: It was a game they needed to win, and they did. That's the sign of a good team.

BOTTOM LINE: They're now realistically one point from clinching a playoff spot. And they're on the right track to peak at the right time.

STUD: Koivu showed offensive brilliance, outstanding "vision" and deft playmaking on all three Wild goals.

DUD: Carney just looks overmatched in every way. Is he wily enough to overcome that? Not so far, but we'll see if he can elevate his game in the playoffs.


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Kirsten said...

I love watching the Oilers play, and if they keep this up, they are going to be a fun, young team to watch in the future. Here's to hoping Calgary somehow chokes so we don't have to play them in the playoffs!