Wednesday, March 19, 2008

HTP Personnel Announcement

I am pleased to announce that WildRoadTripper (WRT) has agreed to join HTP at full author/blogger status. Heretofore his work was best known at Russo's Rants, and more recently he agreed to help me out when I was away. But now, we can all look forward to his wit, candor and "no bullshit" approach on a regular basis.

One of the distinct disadvantages of being a Wild fan living in the eastern time zone is that A) it's hard to get to the X on a game-by-game basis and B) those west coast games (read: 10 or even 10:30pm start time) are a real bitch. Lest my dedication to the team be questioned, I fully intend on continuing to tape the ol' eyelids open for those tilts, but having a partner in crime who's either an hour earlier or is given to road trips to see the Wild play, ahem, can only make for better blog.

And, it just so happens that my intrepid partner is on his way to the northwest right now where he will be live in attendance for the Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton games!

And I hope he will participate more than on just west coast games or games to which he travels.

So WRT has the conch, to coin a phrase, for the game recaps for all four games of this road trip. I will be updating the SOS and doing my usual non-recap thing.

As always, we're more than happy to field requests, criticism, etc. Unless you're a Canucks fan.


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