Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pronger, Campbell Both Losers *UPDATED*

Well, Chris got 8 games (the Fowl currently have 9 remaining in the regular season), after the Zapruder film surfaced with a much closer, clearer view of what happened. Either he got off lightly or Chris Simon got screwed.

Have you seen the video of Chris Pronger stomping Ryan Kesler yet?

If not:

(the video's linked to the story, under the title "Stomp")

And now there's a much closer view of the action which you can link to here:

First, Pronger's no better than the Chris Simons or Marty McSorleys of the world. This is 100% bush league, chickenshit by a player with a history of bush league, chickenshit on the ice. McSorley and Simon at least stood in an took their lumps on occasion. Pronger doesn't fight. He just dishes out cheap shots and pathetic, disgusting play.

Look, I respect the Fowl. I think Delta Burke is a great (if scheming and self-aggrandizing) GM. I don't have to like them to respect them - and that's the whole point.

But the problem is that they get away with this kind of crap.

However, I don't really want or need to make this just about the Fowl. I'm fine making it just about Pronger...

...and Colin Campbell. I simply can't fathom how he thinks he can get away with not disciplining Pronger for this. Simon - again, no saint - got 30 games for the EXACT SAME THING. Simon was a repeat offender. So is Pronger. Kesler wasn't hurt on the play (thank goodness - and it pains me to have to defend Ryan Kesler who terrorizes the Wild with regularity). But neither was Ruutu.

But the credibility of the entire league takes a hit when Campbell drops the ball like this - and this is a league that's a little short in the credibility department in a lot of Americans' eyes.

Bettman - hell, PA head Paul Kelly - should absolutely step in, discipline Pronger and censure Campbell in this matter. The good of the entire NHL would be served by that.



Anonymous said...

i am hesitant to agree, true i too hate chris pronger, but the video left me a little suspicious. I need more proof, there was an entanglement, and its hard to discern if hes gaining balance or stomping with intent. also, of course kesler will say he stomped me. until a video is posted without "zooming in" and cutting a little bit of video, im out on this one.

walkinvisible said...

i agree with you 100%. the same infraction should have a similar penalty, especially for repeat offenders. and if there is any doubt that pronger did that accidentally (which, in my opinion, there is not) then it should be more like a 15 game suspension, or 50% of the chris simon standard.