Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SOS update

Here's the updated data on strength of schedule, after last night's games (Wild 3, Avs 1 and Nuks 3, Coyotes 1).

Current standings
3. MIN 73 GP/86 pts
6. CGY 72 GP/84 pts
7. VAN 73 GP/84 pts
8. COL 74 GP/84 pts
9. NAS 73 GP/80 pts

Total strength of schedule score for remaining games
COL 58.6
MIN 65.9
VAN 68.1
CGY 82.3
NAS 100.7

Current home/away winning percentages
COL: home .657 / away .485
MIN: home .656 / away .545
VAN: home .633 / away .545
CGY: home .643 / away .559
NAS: home .625 / away .485

*Calgary's two games in hand over Colorado is big, but even more so considering they have 2 fewer wins than the Avs do. That gives the Avs some comfort.

*The Avs really didn't want to lose that game last night. They now have the same number of wins as Minnesota, and they give up a game in hand to the Wild. So the Avs will need one more win than the Wild, and they have fewer games in which to get it.


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