Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SOS update

So Nashville couldn't handle AO's heat, the Flames were extinguished by the BJs and the Oilers staked claim to inclusion in this analysis with a severe beat down of the Coyotes. Very interesting.

Current standings
3. MIN 73 GP/86 pts
6. VAN 73 GP/84 pts
7. CGY 73 GP/84 pts
8. COL 74 GP/84 pts
9. NAS 74 GP/80 pts
10. EDM 74 GP/79 pts

Home/away winning percentages
EDM: h .583 / a .485
COL: h .657 / a .485
MIN: h .656 / a .545
CGY: h .643 / a .543
VAN: h .633 / a .545
NAS: h .606 / a .485

Total SOS score for remaining games
EDM 48.3
COL 59.7
MIN 68.3
CGY 68.7
VAN 71.7
NAS 84.5

*Calgary blew their GIH last night, and now sit two wins behind Minnesota, with the same number of games left. As much as they needed the points, they might have needed the notch in the W column more.

*Nashville still has the easiest schedule, but they have to be a little worried about the Oilers because the Grease currently have one more W than the Preds do. However, the Oilers have the toughest schedule of the six teams.

*The NW division title may simply come down to which of the four teams (Edmonton doesn't get counted in the mix for the division title just yet) finishes better than .500.


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