Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Buried Alive in Game 4: Avs 5, Wild 1

You really can't say much about this game.

Suffice it to say that for the Wild to advance to the next round, they cannot under any circumstances have another night like that one. No defense, no discipline, no offense to speak of (Marian Gaborik, where the f**k are you?) and no help from the officials, who saw Av after Av pull, prod, poke and push Wild players and get away with more than your average stockyard worker ever could.

At least the Wild came out of the Rockies with home-ice advantage back. And after last night, that's saying a lot.

Chicken Little says: What the hell happened to our defense? When did Skoula think he was back in an Avalanche jersey?

Pollyanna says: Not much, but Mikko Koivu did score in his fourth straight game!

Bottom Line: Wild did what they needed to do in Game 3. They took the night off, and got roasted. Game 5 will be different. It has to be.

Stud: Mikko Koivu. The only bright spot in a very dark Denver evening for 'da boys'.

Dud: Did we go to the Rocky Mountain arsenal or what? So many duds, so little time (Hmmm...didn't I use that a few weeks ago, in Deadmonton?) Sean Hill was the worst of a very bad bunch last night, although Petteri Nummelin sure came close, imitating Filip Kuba's 'Pylon' act in the first period especially. Hill couldn't stand on his own two skates a good part of the evening, and even allowed Peter 'Floppa' Forsberg to show once again why they call the Avs the 'Divealanche', drawing a penalty against Hill. Hopefuly Erik Reitz (called up from Houston last week) will dress and at least make an effort. His fresh legs will help immensely.

Next Game: Thursday, April 17th, 8:00 PM CDT (KSTC-45, Altitude, TSN HD)


maggie said...

Bah, I can't stand Forsberg and his cheap play, but I REALLY can't stand it when the Wild lose their cool.

Wes, leading "Let's Play Hockey!" isn't enough. Time to crack the whip.

...I'm really starting to think that the Wild should use my line up. Haha.

Anonymous said...

all this talk about reitz, i dont think he'll be that great, specially cause i dont think hes played a game with the wild yet, right?

Anonymous said...

Why do the refs hate us???