Monday, April 7, 2008

Gm # 82: Wild 3, Avs 4 (SO) (8/8)

Most of the salient points about this game belong in a first round preview piece, which is forthcoming.

*Harding looked pretty good early, and then leveled off as the game progressed (and the Avs really started pressing). Wonder if Backstrom reacted to Josh's shootout issues with a little fist pump?

*It was nice to see Nummelin back on the ice. I honestly don't have a big problem with him, and I like what he can bring offensively off the rush. If Statler and Waldorf can't go, or are exposed as just too decrepit, then I would personally not have a problem seeing Nummy get some TOI.

*Huge goal for Parrish. A notoriously streaky scorer who has been firmly ensconced in JL's dog house of late, hopefully he can get a chance to actually go on a streak here in the playoffs.

CHICKEN LITTLE SAYS: Hard to be happy about a loss, but it served it's purpose.

POLLYANNA SAYS: No one got hurt (bad)!

BOTTOM LINE: They'll never say it, but this is probably the outcome the Wild preferred.

STUD: Father Time/Statler/Carney scores a goal, he gets the stud.

DUD: Wild shootout shooters. From going away from money moves to outright shanking, the Wild were terrible in the shootout this season.


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Kirsten said...

PARRISH! I'm so happy he got that goal, I can't even tell you.

I know Elise and I were sort of hoping that something like this would happen only with a win for the Wild.