Friday, May 30, 2008

Wild Still "In The Money"

The Minnesota Wild franchise continues to be a cash cow. In a Toronto Star report, the Wild had the 8th highest per game ticket revenue in the NHL for the 07-08 season at $1.1M (USD). This was up from their 06-07 figure of $1M. Additionally, the Wild was the second-highest American franchise on the list, behind the New York Rangers.

Across the league, per game ticket revenue was up 9.9%.

While this is most likely in line with ticket price increases, the bottom line is that people are still going to the games.

The teams that saw the biggest increases from 06-07 to 07-08 were Chicago (42.8%, new lease on life after ownership "change"), New Jersey (41.6%, new building), Pittsburgh and St. Louis (33.3%), Vancouver (27.2%) and Toronto (26.7%).

The teams that saw the biggest decreases from 06-07 to 07-08 were Phoenix (-18.2%), Los Angeles (-7.1%), Columbus (-5.9%), Colorado (-4.8%) and Dallas (-0.5%).


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