Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's On!

The Wild off-season, that is.

DR has loosed his opening salvo of the summer's arms race - by trading a 3rd round pick for journeyman defenseman Marc-Andre Bergeron. Only 27 years old, Queen MAB has already made stops in Edmonton, Long Island and Anaheim before coming to St. Paul. (To be fair, the last two came last season.)

Known to possess a hard shot, the word on him is that he's not the most stalwart defensive defenseman. Points from our blue line have always been hard to come by, and defense is the one thing I am certain our current coaching staff can teach.

This is a depth move, to fill Fozzie's role while he's recuperating and hopefully put some pressure on Skoula as well.

Definitely represents a new tack for DR though. Two seasons ago the Fowl won the Cup and DR tried to re-make the Wild into a rough 'em up team. This year the Wings win the Cup and DR's early activities indicate he's looking to go back to a puck moving, skating, finesse team. I sort of wish he'd just figure it out.

In other news, Russo is reporting that Blake Wheeler is not interested in Minnesota, Demitra is interested in Vancouver and Erik Reitz is close to signing a 1-way contract with the Wild, meaning he'd start the season as your 7th defenseman in St. Paul.



maggie said...

Meh, not the greatest pick up ever, but I can't really say much seeing as I have never seen MAB play. I'm sure JL is going to treat him like clay and mold him into what he wants.

I kind of see Demo saying this on the topic of Vancouver.
"Well if you're going to MAKE me play center and not even bother trying to resign me, then I'm gonna go to a team in the same division as you that you hate. Suck it, Minnesota!"
I'm sure that's not even close, but I thought it was funny.

The Mommyhood Project | Cortney Galster said...

So glad that we're keeping Rolston over Demitra! Btw, I'm a little surprised that Blake Wheeler isn't interesting in coming to play for Minnesota, I really thought he was interested in coming back here, but he must have something else in mind.