Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bruno's Back! And a Friend For Marty


On day one of free agency, the Wild signed Andrew Brunette, late of the Avs. They also traded for Marek Zidlicky (Ryan Jones, 2nd round pick) who is a puck-moving defenseman and a countryman of much-maligned Martin Skoula.

Wild sign Craig Weller (mini-Fridge).

Wild sign Antti Miettinen.

Wild sign Owen Nolan.


They definitely lost Todd Fedoruk (PHO).
Aaron Voros also gone (NYR).
Rolston signs with the Devils.

Russo is covering this as well or better (read: timely) than anyone else I've seen on the web so far.

More as it develops.


WRT asks: "Did they improve?"

That is THE question, eh?

They have not replaced Rolston yet.

Bruno for Demo is, at worst, a push.

Queen MAB and now Zidlicky for Carney and Hill is, at worst, a slight improvement (in offense if nothing else, and I trust our coaches to teach these guys defense).

Weller (one way deal) is, at worst, a push with Voros/Fridge - and hopefully a better fighter.

Not to be too Pollyanna about it, but I feel like DR did okay in each of the areas that he addressed yesterday. Is he done? He better not be.

But so far, so good.


(and no, I won't be doing a recap of each and every day in free agency)

The Wild made pitches to several of the big name FAs, according to Russo, but were rebuffed by all.

As a side note, the tenor of Wild fans appears to have taken on a more onerous timbre as the team's most glaring holes (ie center, impact forward) continue to be left unfilled. I can't imagine it would play much with management, but there seems to be a growing sentiment of unrest among the natives.



maggie said...

I'm really depressed about Fridge, but I'm glad that Bruno is back where he belongs. Hopefully he can bring back some of that '03 magic.

Comment brought to you by Maggie's terrible homerism.

WRT - Wild Road Tripper said...

Many props out to Michael Russo for his work, despite the fact he's working with a bum foot (which will require surgery next week) he's still working the Web and the phones to get all us Wild fans the info we need when we need it (i.e., now.)

We all know free agency is one time when your team can get better -- quickly. Did the Wild get better? Maybe not after Day One. Losing Rolston hurts, admittedly, but (at least as of the time I write this) at least the Wild are still in the hunt for numerous free agents, some of which could actually help them in the Fall.

There's always Day Two...

Anonymous said...

Hey, anyone else having trouble accessing Russoville this morning? I'm getting to the Strib fine, but get an error message trying to access the blog. Poor timing!!

Nick in New York said...

I'm getting the same thing, hockeydad. Bad timing is right!

Mitch said...

yep, same here. Did notice all the blogs at the strib are down. maybe too much traffic on the way in to russuville this am??

Anonymous said...

No Russovilleam still! I am keeping an eye out for anything on Huselius or Brendan Morrison. I am thinking Morrison is the target C since they passed, I guess, on Holik.

Anonymous said...

I can't get into Russoville on any internet, cell phone or computer this morning.

Anonymous said...

Russoville Back