Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Gaborik Un-Update

There is no news on Gaborik's extension situation. Risebrough and Lynn flew to Slovakia and wined and dined him for four hours. They gave him a look under the hood of the organEYEzation, so to speak. It was informative and interesting and included some give and take about Gaborik's worth to the team, his future, etc.


There has been no negotiating. Hell, to the best of our knowledge there hasn't even been an offer extended yet.

All this crap about Russia or trades is just bored hockey people trying to fill the most boring part of the year.

When there's actual news, I'm confident we'll learn about it.

Until then, everyone calm down.


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The Mommyhood Project | Cortney Galster said...

This is the most boring time of the year. Can't wait for September 24th :)