Wednesday, August 6, 2008

On Bad Loans and Craig Leipold

As Larry Brooks writes, Mr. Leipold's involvement with the shady dealings of the Nashville owership transfer to "Boots" Del Biaggio has not been fully cleaned up. Brooks even invokes the name of infamous (nefarious?) former Isles "owner" John Spano in his description of Bootsy.

All joking aside, if true, this is exactly the kind of incestuous circle jerk the league doesn't need. I'd like to think the placid people of Minnesota wouldn't stand for this kind of chicanery from their public rich guys.

I'm not calling for a march on 317 Washington St., but I can't shake the feeling that Bettman "took care of" Leipold - reportedly a trusted member of his inner circle within the league - when the Nashville situation became odious to Craig, and Mr. Naegele started to ponder skating off into the sunset. *Mind you, I have zero proof of any of this - ahh, the joys of being an independent blogger!*

At the end of the day, I just want to watch hockey. But I wouldn't mind if the league was an example of honest business practices, either.


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