Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Hockey Season!

Yeah baby!

The Wild kicked off the games portion of the 08-09 season with a 2-1 exhibition win over the BJ's JV squad last night at the X. The particulars are irrelevant. Reports are that Pouliot played well, though, and that's a big lift to my spirits. A Calder-worthy campaign from him would be an outstanding thing.

I've been away for the last week, so I didn't get any early camp thoughts up obviously. The Wild has only made a couple (predictable) cuts so far.

Apart from that, there's just the usual pre-season rush of anxiety and excitement building in the air....or is that the drag from the Twins' bandwagon?

Around the end boards: in addition to the rest of the good Wild blog coverage, check out Deuce By Definition's "Land of 10,000 Takes" series. You'll note the absense of opinions from yours truly and this is payback for me failing to invite him to the last Wild blogger podcast recording. I'm still feeling shame for that one.


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