Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Random Musings

*I just got my tickets to see the Wild play the Sabres in Buffalo in the pre-sea. I'm on the glass, corner, the end the Wild shoot at twice. Should be fun.

*I just found out (via The Hockey News' Yearbook) that there's a player named Cody Wild. He's in the Edmonton system. I'm starting the campaign for DR to trade for him right here and now. I don't care what you have to give up. Gaborik, Koivu, Gaborik and Koivu....

*The Wild will be launching a new mascot. Yes, it's for the kids. Yes, it's still lame. No, it's not a big deal. Yes, Kent Hrbek would have been a better mascot, but oh well.

*Russo blogged that the Wild talked to Stephane Yelle's agent. If we could make this work, cap wise, I would welcome this move. I'll take all the former Flames players we can get - anything to try to reverse Iginla's mojo against us. Hell, bring back Noodles too.

*Sundin is still waffling.

*The Senators got a solid deal for Meszaros from Tampa Bay. Former Wild boy Filip Kuba was involved. I didn't realize the Bolts wanted any defensemen this year. Maybe they plan on converting him to forward?


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