Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gm # 2: Wild 4, Thrashers 2

The Atlanta Thrashers threw a professional ice hockey game last night, and no one came. Well, other than 20 or so guys in white and green uniforms. The Wild earned a solid-if-quiet win with good defense and timely goals. They broke open a 1-1 game in the third on Gaborik's first of the season (and a gritty one, at that!) and two from Mittens. The Wild scored their three goals on only five shots in the third.

Andrew Brunette had another strong game (1-1-2) and Koivu played extremely well (0-2-2), particularly on the dots. Burnsie finished with an assist (0-1-1) amidst some 29 minutes of ice time. Backstrom was solid again, turning aside 24 shots.

This was a hard game to really gauge the guys by, considering Atlanta was so willing to bend over for so much of the game. The Thrashers are just not very good. Apparently their "fans" have noticed, since there were about 25 people in the lower bowl (a couple of whom are still in the hockey fan neanderthal stage of development, judging by their game-long glee at pounding on the glass...don't hurt yourselves, fellas).

The Wild did suffer a couple injuries (IGoW and Butch), and Clutterbuck has been summoned from Houston as a result.

Chicken Little says: Now THAT was some boring-ass hockey.

Pollyanna says: 2-0! Woot! First in the NW! Double woot!

Bottom line: A game you'd have hated to lose. Take the two points and run.

Stud: What can you say about Mittens? Best nick name on the team, and three goals in two games to boot!

Dud: Not sure how you double up on Bryan Little and leave Kovalchuk alone in the slot, but Skoula did and the Thrashers scored.


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The Mommyhood Project | Cortney Galster said...

Glad we have another 2 points, no matter how uneventful the game was. Go Wild!