Friday, October 24, 2008

Gm # 5: Wild 3, Sabres 4 (OT)


This was a game the Wild was in position to win, but didn't. It was a game the Wild got the breaks it needed to be in a position to win, and then didn't. This was a game in which the Wild got a point, but really shouldn't have. This was a game where you tip your hat to the Sabres for persevering and playing a very Wild-like rope-a-dope game and sneaking out of a usually-tough building to win in on the road with 2 points.

I thought the Wild's offense was tentative and timid for the first period, I thought Kim Johnsson had one of his worst games as a Wild player, and I thought Brent Burns was about two shifts short of a solid game.

But, regardless of the fine print, the bottom line is that the Wild blew a game in which it held a 2-goal lead with four minutes to play in regulation. There is only one word for that: unacceptable.

And this was a game where Skoula was fine!

Actually that's the most frustrating part: blowing a good game by Skoula!

Seriously though, you simply must finish those kinds of games. Yes, they got a point and they all count the same blahblahBLAHBLAHblah. But thank goodness this wasn't against a conference or division foe.

They played well for 56 minutes. It was four too few.

Chicken Little says: Four more breaks of at least that long this season. Great.

Pollyanna says: Boogey played a good game and didn't even take one penalty!

Bottom Line: Hopefully that missed point won't come back to haunt them.

Stud: I thought the Boogaard-Pouliot-Weller line played a strong game and even scored a goal.

Dud: Kimmy J was just fighting it all night. I like that he's being more aggressive on offense, but we need him to be a rock in all zones for us, and he wasn't.


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