Friday, October 31, 2008

Gm # 9: Wild 1, Canadiens 2

The Habs spent the entire game trying to give out treats, but the Wild was only in the mood for tricks last night.

Montreal took seven straight penalties from the 6:07 mark of the second period through the 1:50 mark of the third period - and the Wild converted on none of them.

I actually though Guy Carbonneau's head was going to explode at one point.

But it was all for naught as the Wild went 0-for-10 on the man advantage to set a team record for futility.

In the early power plays, the Habs did a great job of pressuring the Wild at the points, forcing them into making ill-timed and/or ill-advised passes. As the parade to the box continued, the Wild just kept getting more and more passive to the point where the Habs barely had to skate to defend against the later power plays.

Butch was particularly frustrating to watch last night. My dig on him is that he's all sizzle and no steak. He is small, but the problem is that he plays small. Well, he certainly played small last night. A one-trick pony is far too easy to defend against - and he is maddeningly willing to be such a pony.

Harding got the start and played fine, though Price was the story of the game. He was masterful down low, and he had to be given all the PK time his team had to endure.

The Wild averaged 4.66 goals per game in their first three games of the season, but have averaged 2 GPG over their last six.

It almost makes a guy long for Gaborik.


Chicken Little says: This team doesn't have enough talent to win without their PP.

Pollyanna says: We got a nice view of the future on that first goal (Burns from Shep and Gillies.)

Bottom Line: Granted the Habs are a good team, but even going 1 for 10 gets the Wild a point in that game.

Stud: Burns has sick skills and clearly loves the game. Nice goal too.

Dud: Butch was the most frustrating player on a frustrating team last night.


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Kirsten said...

Burns is so awesome. I know he couldn't get any worse than when he was first up, but I'm glad to see this much improvement. (not to mention entertainment)