Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Foster's Rehab Continues

Thanks to Mike Russo for an encouraging update on Kurtis Foster's continued rehabilitation.

Russo points out that it doesn't mean as much physically as it does mentally, but it still had to feel amazing for Foster to take that next step.

He won't be a top four guy on this team, and probably not a top PP unit guy anymore either.

But here's hoping he is able to make a full recovery and get back to the NHL again as soon as possible.


PS: Someone needs to show the Wild docs how to make better projections about injury recovery time frames. They continue to get it wrong, and it makes them look like the local weather man.


KiPA - Kevin in PA said...

I didn't necessarily expect a response, but did you get my email I sent last night? If you didn't, then I want to know wtf.

Nick in New York said...

I didn't get an email from you

KiPA - Kevin in PA said...

I don't know. I'm 0-2. I can try I guess.